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Very Shameful Of You To Deny This – Actress Helen Duru To EFCC



Nollywood Helena Duru, an actress, and director responded to the EFCC only a few hours after the commission’s denial of the actress’s attack in an official statement.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, or EFCC, called Helen’s allegations to be inaccurate and misleading and said that the film was poorly constructed.

In response to the most recent news release from the EFFC about her case, Helen criticized the agency for failing to conduct a thorough investigation before dismissing the complaint.

Below are excerpts from what she posted on her Instagram page.

Very shameful of you to deny this. This is your official stamp from the headquarters in Abuja. Go to B division Asaba and ask for my report on the same day. So shameful that you couldn’t even make a proper investigation before denying this.

Go to @officialefcc Abuja headquarters they have my statement or are they going to deny me coming there too? You call this a script. You must think I just came to social media to rant.

This is my petition that was stamped by the headquarters in Abuja . 2 and 3 pictures are The post of my neighbors You arrested and posted on your page.

Don’t border deleting it because it has been screenshotted a long time ago. The last picture Is the chat between me and The DPO Asaba B division who also tried reaching out but wasn’t given proper attention.

You think your men come to operate without taking to themselves or calling their names? @officialefcc @officialefcc @officialefcc Your men did this to me and you can’t deny it.

I still have evidence In case you want more. The letterhead they came with is still resting in B division Asaba.

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