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Osun Traditionalists set to invoke oaths on members in the forthcoming governorship election over vote-buying



The Traditional Religion Worshippers Association of Osun State has made clear its intentions regarding the ongoing vote-buying in the state. In a communique, the association stated that they were preparing to start the process of having their members take an oath in order to stop them from selling their votes in the upcoming governorship election in Osun State.

When discussing the situation with newsmen, Oluseyi Atanda, the president of TRAWSO, stated that it would have been a historic achievement if such tactics had been long-established among all of the residents of Osun, which, in his opinion, would significantly aid in halting the distasteful tendency of vote-buying in the state.

Atanda pleaded with the state’s leaders of the Christian and Islamic faiths to urge their followers to stop engaging in such behavior.

In spite of the fact that “candidates of various parties and their foot soldiers, seeking support and prayers, have been going to see TRAWSO members at their meeting site,” Atanda continued, “the association remains apolitical.”

“Specifically, we have told our members not to sell or purchase votes,” he said. Our practices stop you from mortgaging your conscience before carrying out your civic responsibilities.

“We have the power and the tools to make sure that our members abide by the rule prohibiting the sale or purchase of votes. If necessary, we might even administer an oath to them in order to guarantee complete obedience.

If such an oath could have been delivered to all Osun residents, it would have been a historic accomplishment to stop this nasty tendency from emerging and spreading like wildfire.

“We urge leaders and adherents of Islam and Christianity to follow our noble example and impress it on their people not to sell or buy votes. They should also go the extra length to chastise their members selling and buying votes.

“So far, we have not seen a single traditionalist being held for selling or buying votes and that should be emulated by other religions.”

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