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Nigerian lady returns from Sallah celebration only to find her house and car on fire (Pictures/Video)



A woman in Lagos returns after a Sallah feast to find her house on fire.

Local residents in Lagos were startled by the sad incident that took place there.

She left her house on Friday to celebrate Sallah with her friends, according to the report, only to come home to discover both her house and car on fire.

This incident was only shared on social media by the young woman, whose identity has not been made public. She also uploaded a video of herself enjoying herself and eating during the Sallah feast while completely unaware that her house was on fire at that moment.

Her house catching fire in the latter portion of the video depicts how her day came to an end.

Locals gathered to fight and put out the fire, however, they were unable in saving the property.

The entire structure caught fire, including the contents of the apartments. The fire also completely destroyed the woman’s parked car in the complex.

In the video, she also said that she needs to start looking for a place to sleep.


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