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Man collapses after realizing that he has been paying rents to his wife for over 15 years



A Zambian man has caused a scene after he discovered that his wife was the owner of the home they had been living in for years.

According to information gathered, Mr Martin Stampa of Kasama, Zambia, resided in the home with his wife for 15 years before recognizing he had been paying rent to his wife unofficially to her.

According to sources familiar with the matter said, he was making monthly mortgage payments of 3500 kwacha, equivalent to  N92,695.

It was always his wife that delivered the rent to his “landlord.” The couple got into a fight one fateful day after the wife, Lushomo, found out that her husband was having an extramarital affair.

During a heated disagreement, Mrs Martin allegedly gave Mr Martin the shock of his life when she admitted to him that she had been the building’s landlord for more than 15 years while they had lived there.

After being confronted by Lushomo for having extramarital relationships, her husband allegedly confessed to his wife that he had hired a side chick because he wanted someone who could have intellectual talks.

This enraged Lushomo, who then revealed that he isn’t smart enough to understand that he has been paying her rent each month even though the place they reside in is her property.

Martin passed out when he saw the title documents for the home.

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