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Labour Party officially unveils Peter Obi running mate, Sen Yusuf Datti in Abuja (Pictures)



Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed has been formally announced by the Labour Party as Peter Obi’s running mate for the undisputed 2023 presidential election.


Senator Yusuf Datti is the owner of Baze  University in the nation’s capital Abuja and Baba Ahmed University in Kano, respectively.

He is from a well-known family in Kaduna state’s Zaria in the northern region of Nigeria.

According to reports, Senator Yusuf is related to prominent public servants Hakeem and Nafiu Baba Ahmed as well as seasoned journalists Khalia Baba Ahmed and Mahmoon Baba Ahmed.


In other events, Borno South Senatorial District Senator Ali Ndume of Nigeria has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to start acting like Commander-in-Chief and take responsibility for the daily terrorist attacks that occur in nearly every region of the nation.

He asserts that the President should address Nigerians and not his aides who issue remarks in the wake of each assault.

Ndume said he was utterly unhappy with the response from political leaders who should typically be in charge of ensuring the lives and well-being of Nigerians during a talk show on Channels Television on Thursday night.

Ndume claimed that he is embarrassed to be referred to as a senator because the majority of them were little more than observers in the current circumstance.

Ndume responded, “The service chiefs are there, the NSA is there, and the President is there. It is their obligation to update Nigerians following such terrible assaults on civilians.

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