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Joseph Kagiso, 57-Year-Old Man Runs 9OKM Marathon To Marry A Woman (Prudence) & She Said Yes



>>>57-Year-Old Man Run 90km To Ask For a Hand In Marriage From His Woman

A man identified as Joseph Kagiso Ndlovu is trending on social media for the unusual way he took to proposing to a woman.

The South African man who is said to be in his 50s took to the field and ran a 90km (56 miles) marathon to propose to a woman named Prudence.

A picture circulating on social media shows the moment he approached the finish while holding a banner with the inscription “Prudence, will you marry me? Run 90K for you”.

In an interview with BBC on Monday, Mr Ndlovu told the journalist that Prudence, who was in the race to support him, said yes to his proposal.

He said they have been dating since the beginning of this year and plan to get married sometime next year

Earlier, it was not clear she had accepted the proposal and some people online had been egging her on to accept the proposal.

“As a country, we deserve the answer to the proposal. Cameraman, please seek out Prudence. We are invested now” another tweep said.

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