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“I’ll rather do prostitution than suffer with my beauty” – Ex BBNaija Tacha Akide start replies a Twitter user



Nigerian reality television actress Tacha Akide explains why she would rather run Ashawo than put up with criticism for her appearance.

The former BBNaija contestant responded to a tweet from a user who criticized female  celebrities for asserting they are “Too beautiful to suffer.”

The Twitter user suggested that women who have such a mindset end up doing prostitution in order to maintain their greatly exaggerated beauty.

The user claimed that “prostitution starts when a girl thinks she’s too attractive to suffer.”

The brand influencer acknowledged that she shares this ideology in her tweet reply.

The user was also made fun of by the insult “that must make me a proud prostitute.”

Tacha was a contestant on the 2019 season of BBNaija and one of the most talked-about roommates.

The reality TV star has made no secret of how much she adores luxury and loathes poverty.

The entrepreneur admitted last year that her “market is pricey,” and she cannot date a responsible but impoverished man.

Sorry, but I’m unable to date a responsible but impoverished man. She had said, “He might have promised, but I’m too busy to realize that.

“My man must be wealthy, successful, kind, upbeat, and God-fearing.

But I’ll always advise individuals to pursue their specialization. Everyone has their own unique relationship spec, so I want them to pursue that spec.

“My market is pricey, as for me. The Tacha market must always be powerful, expensive, and highly intentional.

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