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Faith Nketsi says that the babysitter for her daughter has at last resigned



Sky Njilo’s nanny has been the subject of a tirade on Faith Nketsi’s social media.

The celebrity who has been outing her assistant has admitted that she resigned because she did not like having her business posted online.

Faith claims that the nanny for her daughter does not respect her and only follows Nzuzo Njilo’s orders.

“GUYS! Sizani. (Help) (Help). County excels in her field, one. But for some reason, when I ask her to help me, I get a strange sense, so I decided not to mention it because it might just be in my head. She was recommended to us by an aunt of a family member before I continue.

According to Faith, she didn’t first meet or interview her.

She states that when she started whining about being constantly sick, it got to the point where she was unable to tolerate her. As time went on, she was also asked to serve drinks to the guests but declined.

Now, she always responds positively to Ubaba’s requests, but when I ask her to do something,

Faith describes how she needed to find a brown top quickly and begged for assistance. Because she plainly rejected it, the episode served as the breaking point, and Faith snapped. She then tells her husband, who was still perplexed, that the housekeeper was crying.

The assistant has, in fact, resigned.

I come downstairs and find her crying literal tears as she’s explaining to my husband what happened (my husband was upstairs looking for my glue at the time this whole thing happened). My husband is so confused at this point but I didn’t have time to talk. I came back and I and Aunty are beefing in my house! She’s not talking to me I’m not talking to her. She even sitting on the other side of the house. My husband gets home and we spoke, he tells me that she told him her version of what happened, leaving out the fact that I gave her a top and asked her to look for the exact top. She then went to tell him that she was shocked at how I spoke to her like she’s a slave and she’s just here to help (siya bambisana) for she doesn’t understand where the disrespect comes from and she has kids my age. ”

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