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Dr. Osahon Enabulele Calls For The Empowerment Of Junior Doctors



Dr. Osahon Enabulele the President of the WMA,(World Medical Association), yesterday pleads for the empowerment and help of junior medical doctors, just he addressed the 1st International Junior Doctor Network Conference in Malaysia.
The WMA president made the call while speaking at the first International Junior Doctors Network Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While recounting the difficulties junior doctors face, he expressed concern over the rise in bullying, harassment, and overwork cases among junior doctors, which has led to an increase in cases of physical and mental burnout.

He admitted that the diminishing degree of mentorship in the medical field has left the majority of junior doctors disenchanted, with some leaving the field or looking for different career paths, which has had a negative influence on the provision of healthcare and health outcomes.
Dr. Enabulele reaffirmed the importance of physicians adhering to the Physician’s Pledge and the updated International Code of Medical Ethics while assuring junior doctors of WMA’s dedication to their professional advancement and well-being. Additionally, he reaffirmed WMA’s commitment to addressing the regrettable rise in violence against doctors in the workplace.

The WMA President called for the revitalization and bolstering of mentorship platforms within the medical field, the improvement of working conditions and service standards, the development of career paths for junior doctors and other cadres of doctors, as well as effective communication channels.

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