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Argentina’s vice president Cristina Fernandez escapes assassination attempt after shooters gun got jammed



Luck ran out for an unsuspected shooter who pulled out a gun to shoot the vice president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez immediately after she stepped out of her car outside her Buenos Aires home last night.

The gunman, who is said to have sneaked up on the group of her followers, pointed his gun at the politician’s head from a close distance but was unable to fire because the gun jammed.

Fortunately, according to reports, Mrs. Fernandez’s security guards managed to subdue the gunman and secure his immediate arrest.


The shooter’s weapon jammed when he attempted to fire it, according to Argentine President Fernandez, who was speaking with reporters on Thursday.

In a national broadcast after the shooting, he said, “A guy pointed a handgun at her head and pulled the trigger.”

He said that despite having five rounds loaded, the gun “didn’t fire even when the trigger was pressed.”

Gina De Bai, an eyewitness, reported hearing “the sound of the trigger being pulled,” but she didn’t realize it was a revolver until security personnel rushed the guy.

The country’s president, who is unrelated to the vice president, referred to it as “the most terrible occurrence since we won democracy” in 1983.

He pleaded with the public and political authorities to condemn the shooting attempt.

The vice president was attacked as she is being tried for suspected corruption committed between 2007 and 2015; she firmly rejects the allegations, which has prompted her fans to round her residence in the affluent Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

According to a spokesperson of the Security Department, the suspected shooter was Fernando Andre Sabag Montiel, a Brazilian holding Argentinean citizenship.

The officer said that the gun was a.32-calibre Bersa and that he had no criminal history.


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