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18-yearold boy fights for his life after he was hit by a stray bullet during a gunfight that broke out in Argentine local match



During a football game between two well-known clubs, Club Lujan and Club Alem, a gunfight broke out in a neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Immediately after gunshots were heard outside the stadium, the game was stopped.

According to reports, an armed man arrived on the scene while the game was still in progress and opened fire on the football fans gathered in the taverns.

Serious casualties have been reported, with one 18-year-old left fighting for his life. According to sources, stray gunshots caused significant injuries to at least seven people.

While the injured were being taken to a hospital in Nuestra Senora De Lujan, the police used rubber bullets to stop the onslaught.

The AFA Argentina FA stated the following in response to the incident:

“The violence that took place today outside the Municipal Stadium of Luján during the game between Club Luján and Leandro N. Alem is highly regretted and condemned by the Argentine Football Association.”


“In turn, he reports that he is in contact with government authorities, security forces, and justice to collaborate with the corresponding investigation.

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